Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas in our HOME

This year getting ready for Christmas really "snuck up on me."  I was spending months getting ready for the Christmas Craft fair as always, and this year with all the other activities going on in our lives...well Christmas "snuck up on me." So without further a due here is our Home this year with all the Christmas touches.  We tried to scale back, and were hoping the less is more theme would be better.  But still lots of things made their way into the decor, maybe more than I wanted. One tends to forget from year to year what we have & tend to buy a little bit more each year.  I will have to try & stop myself next year...yah right!  Especially when I make something and want to keep one for ourselves.

Have a Very Merry Christmas this year & all the best in 2015!!  Enjoy.

Meanwhile downstairs.....

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