Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Haven Living Skincare

I became a stockist of Haven Living's Skincare line not just to sell it, but because it is a product I believe in. Which for me is huge! Haven Living is skincare that you can feel great about using on your whole family. Flip the jar over to the back & you will see it contains Coconut Oil & Soy. Well I can read those & pronounce them! So right there I am on board the Haven Living Skincare train. Just about every member of the family has sensitive skin, even Exzema. So to find a product that doesn't have Perfume or artificial fragrance is tough. I used to be a Cosmetician back in the day, and when I flip a package over, I thoroughly read the ingredients that I can recognize, and know what makes a product tick, or cause skin irritation etc. Perfumes & fragrance is one of the big ones. Just because a product says it is Perfume free doesn't mean it isn't fragrance free. The fragrance is usually artificial, as well as all the preservatives to keep a product stable for its shelf life.  Who wants all that?  Not me, nor do I want it for my family. Enter Haven Living Skincare. . .

For my first try I chose the Mandarin & Bergomot scrub, because it has "Therapeutic values of mandarin orange provide relief from inflammation and improve circulation, while promoting growth of new cells. Bergamot aids in the healing of scars and help to balance skin tone. The fresh citrus scent stimulates the spirit like sunny day in the orange GROVE."
From aesthetically pleasing packaging, and the smell, oh the smell, to a clean flawless feeling after you have used the Polishing Scrub on your face. Dry patches gone, oily patches gone, and shiny radiant skin in its place. My skin has been feeling like it has been lacking lustre since summer left, and I have been looking for a product to give it a "pick me up". Look no further, I found it and hope it will never leave.  As I added a touch of water to the scrub to emulsify it to a better consistency to apply to my face, I was taking deep breaths to take in the essence of Mandarin & Bergomot. Then as I was using it, making sure not to miss one square inch of my face, I used it around my lips and could taste it, and yes it even tasted good!! Rinsed it all off & towel dried my face & the feeling of renewed skin was instant. So I obviously had lots of skin cells build up, and that's why my face was looking and feeling the way it was. My other facial scrub wasn't cutting it.  I can honestly say my skin looks & feels younger today! It also completely got rid of my make up, which is a complete bonus.

Now to try the "Grounds" Body Pumice.
I only got to try this on my hands, but I tell you my legs & feet are next.  So soft, and supple after using this, and what a great morning ritual if you have the time once a week to quickly give your hands a treatment, or every other day. OK, Every day if you really had the time. Gets rid of dry, flaky skin that our hands are so prone to, as well as leaving them moisturized. It feels greasy while you are rinsing them, but the minute you towel dry, its completely absorbed and not a greasy residue what so ever.

So the last product so far that I have tried in the line-up is the Energizing Room & Linen Spray.  Well I can tell you a lot more laundry & ironing might get done with this product. Lemon & Ginger, Mmmm. Natural citrus smells that are so fresh. Once again flip the bottle around to look at the label, and you will see Distilled water, Witch Hazel & essential Oil fragrance blend.
Its Clear, and safe for your linens.

My next trial is going to be on the Sprout Baby soap, which I am going to use on the whole family.

Well done Desja of Haven Living, you have created a wonderful product that we can all feel great about using in every sense. off to spread the word of natural, amazing, quilt free skincare.

Yours truly, Diana
aka Vintage Cove girl

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