Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wool Vest goes Decorative.

I have some beautiful Wool and Acrylic sweaters from my grandparents that I couldn't part with, and wanting to make Pillows and other Decorative things from them.  So one of my first projects was this Pure Virgin Wool Sweater Vest gone Decorative Pillow.
Blending with the decor

The Crocheted flowers
The first pictures shows what the Vest looked like Before.  If you look closely you can see a slight line where I cut across the Vest, to use what I needed for the pillow.  The vest being shaped like a body, tapered on the sides so I machine stitched a straight line with wrong sides facing of the vest.  Did the buttons up and sewed a seam following along the right side seam of the buttons.  Then sewed the bottom and part of the top, leaving room to stuff the pillow once turning it back to right side out.  Stuffed it and hand stitched the opening.  Hand sewed on my Mother's Crocheted flowers and Voila!!  This project took maybe under 2 hours from start to finish.  Of course the Crocheted flowers would take much longer if doing those yourself.  My Mother taught me how to Crochet a few weeks ago so eventually I'll be able to do them myself....hopefully.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ice Cream Birthday Party

Well I finally have had a chance to sit down and Blog tonight.  I've had lots to Blog about just not the time to do it!  With New Year's resolutions one of them was to get to bed earlier, and that had drastically cut into my Blogging time.  So might have to re-think that one.  ;)

My turning 7 year old wanted a Vintage Style Ice cream party.  (Girl after my own heart)  So how could I deprive her of that?  December 21st was her birthday & its such a crazy time of year already with Christmas.  I think a lot of the mom's loved the break from their children to do some Christmas shopping, because I received a lot of Thanks, that they were able to get so much done that afternoon.

Birthday Girl & her sister enjoying the party.

Cherry Chip, & Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Roses.
The Candy Bar.

...more candy

Pink Lemonade Crackle sign I made.

Ice Cream Sundaes.

Birthday girl enjoying her Pink Lemonade.

Friends having some fun at the table.

I even dressed up, Crinoline & all.

Games, Candy, Cupcakes, Ice Cream and Pink Lemonade in the Vintage Style Pop Bottles.  The kids loved it and had so much fun!!  So now to plan my 3 year old's Birthday, that will be turning 4 in April.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcoming 2012 with excitement and new horizons.
Christmas was relaxing, and our little family of 4 had some well deserved family time.  We played games with the girls & played with their new toys from Christmas.  My husband usually works during Christmas time, but this year he had a week off in between Christmas & new years.  We left all house, and Vintage Cove projects alone, & used the time to spend with each other.
For Christmas from my parents, I received 3 HVLP Spray guns & my husband a great sized Air-compressor to run it.  So once I learn to use it all I will be a painting machine!!  I would like to build a folding Spray booth, so that I can still use my 2 car garage as just that.  One problem...one half is completely piled with furniture to be transformed.  A real catch 22 situation here!  I have vowed not to buy any more furniture until I get some of this painted and out the door.  So I better get crackin'.  On that note...I better be off to start somewhere, other than re-doing the look of the Blog.  Which I hope you like because it took me about 2 days to create!  I went to the "Cutest Blog on the Block" to create it.