Thursday, 26 February 2015

Vintage & Handmade Market Registration 2015

Vintage & Handmade market, hosted by Vintage Cove girl. 

Welcome Vendors & Prospective Vendors

This will be a very exciting event for all of us, once again this year.  2nd Annual Vintage & Handmade Pop-up Market, taking place Saturday May 30st, 9am -4pm. (Vendors can arrive a half hour before opening, and 1 1/2 hrs. after to clean up and take down your displays 8:30-5:30pm) Open to the Public between 9am-4pm.  Set up for Vendors is Friday May 29th, from 9am-9pm. Vendors can decide what time you would like to arrive and set up your booth, on this day.
Merritt Civic Centre is located at 1950 Mamette Avenue.  Directions to the event can be found on the events page, just follow this link:

Vendor Applications are currently OPEN. (Vendors that fit in the Vintage and/or Handmade category that mix well with this type of theme, for this Juried Show.)

Booth Spaces are $70 for one 10x10 space, and $140 for 10x20 space.  This is a "Juried Show".
*No booth sharing, each Vendor must pay for their own space.  All Products must be Handmade, painted or embellished by the Vendor.  *No Commercial, mass produced products sold in your booth.*  (If unclear, please message myself) The exception to this rule is Chalk Style, Milk Paints, or other such Paints for purchase to consumers. Any Food or edible items must have a Food safe certification to be displayed.

Vintage Finds must be 30 years or older, and be good quality "Junk".  (We don't want to look like a Flea Market)

Decorating your booth Vintage Styled, or with Backdrops are encouraged to add to the Market feel. If you have a table booth, tablecloths are a must, and need to provide your own.  Bring your own extension cords, Power bars, ladders, tools, battery operated candles, etc. No burning candles please, as Fire codes do not allow open flame.

Please use the corked 12ft. borders for hanging things, with Thumbtacks, tape, putty or staples.  No tape on walls, floors or double sided tape on tables.  Please use Garbage bins provided for any take down garbage.
While setting up your booth, please make sure any Fire Exits near you are not blocked by merchandise or any other objects, and are free and clear once you are all set up.

Lots of  free Parking is provided at the Civic Centre.  If you are parking right up front to the doors, once you have loaded your inventory please move your vehicle, so other Vendors may also take advantage of parking close, and hauling items a short distance as well.

The Building is locked overnight with a alarm system, so there shouldn't be a worry for security. Please take any cash boxes or bags with you on Friday night, for safe keeping.

You are responsible for manning your own booth.  Have a friend cover for you for lunch, and bathroom breaks or kindly ask the Vendor next to you, and you could cover for each other, if you are alone in your booth.  Another Vendor will be on site that will be able to provide us with Lunch, snacks & drinks to purchase during the Market, as well as Vintage Styled Baked goods.

Price items reasonable to take advantage of making some great sales that day, but also make sure you are covering your costs as well.  It would be great to not have to haul anything back home again.
Bring lots of Business Cards. You can wear an apron, and/or Vintage attire & a Smile.  This will be such a Fun day, and can't wait to see you all!!!

Accepting application immediately, and until April 16th or we are full.  Approx. 40 Vendor single spaces available.
First come, first serve for availability.  Once application is approved, and payment is received, your Registration will then be processed.  Accepted Vendors will be notified by e-mail by April 7th at the latest.  Once payment is received it is non-refundable the 10 days prior to May 30st.  (Exceptions for illness, inclement weather, and unforeseen circumstances that keep you from attending that particular day.)  If another Vendor is on the waiting list and available to take your space, you will also be refunded as well.

Follow the Link to the On-line Applications here:

If you have a Website or Facebook Fanpage, you will have a couple of advantages:
We can clearly see your style & products you may possibly have in your booth, for this Juried Event. Also closer to the Market dates, Vintage Cove girl's Fan Page as well as the Events page will be showcasing all of the Vendors for our Market goers to know what & who to expect there. A great Marketing tool for bringing everyone down for the one day don't miss event.

For the applications you will have 4 spots to download photos of product, as well as any of your booths you have decorated at previous shows, you have participated in would be great!

Contact me via e-mail once you have chosen your method of payment, so that I can keep track of the method used, and give you more information to complete the transaction.  Make any cheques payable to Diana Lorenz.  3391 Wildrose Way, Merritt, BC V1K 1K4
Need to get a hold of me on Market set up day, and can't find me?  Please feel free to text or call me at 250-378-7571. (Please do not use this number to contact me prior to the show, email or Facebook is the preferred methods)

Should you have any questions, or concerns that I may have forgotten to address here, please feel free to contact me through e-mail or my Facebook Fan Page, Vintage Cove girl.

Diana Lorenz, Vintage Cove.

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