Monday, 25 July 2011

Vintage Holidays.

Check out Birch & Bird Interiors Blog link above.  They have some great articles, and check out the Vintage Holidays Article from July 2011.
I love the articles they post.  Such inspiration and great ideas with Vintage finds, mixed with Contemporary & Traditional Decor.  These little old trailers are so cute, and such character given to them.

Friday, 22 July 2011

"That's my Baby"... dresser.

This old baby dresser of mine has had so many different looks throughout my existence.  It was originally white with wooden knobs.

When I moved to go to College I stripped, and sanded it down to natural and clear varnished it & painted a yellow rose on it.  When my first was born I sanded and painted just the drawers yellow and gave it new drawer pulls.

After both my girls had this in their rooms & my husband wanted to get rid of it.  I sanded it down and gave it my creamy white paint treatment & put some large molding on the bottom.  I also had this mirror that used to be Oak and forest green, so I primed and painted it to match the dresser.  Once again I've given new life to somethings that were almost on its way out the door.

Old School house Market

My girlfriends and I travelled down to Abbotsford, BC for the Old School house Market in May. It was a Vintage market held in the Old Clayburn School house. It was such a fabulous day. Birch & Bird Interiors hosted. They are already working on another one to be held in September 2011. You know that I'll be there for that one too! I took this snapshot of their display in the front foyer of the school.
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1940's side board

The Before Picture of this Vintage Find.
 I found this Sideboard at a used furniture store, and saw its potential right away.
Solid Wood, with Mahogany veneer.  They just honestly don't make furniture like they used to.  It was made by a furniture company from Ontario, that closed down in the mid 1950's.

This 1940's Sideboard is entertaining now in a whole new way. The mahogany was in beautiful condition but the finish was scratched in a lot of places, as you can see.  Also it had watermarks on the top.   The middle door was exactly like the other 2 and wouldn't work well for the infrared for the remotes, so I got my Dad to help me router out the middle and cut a piece of glass for it.  Removed the back top edging, stripped it down and sanded it.  I must admit I have a bit of an addiction to creamy white as you can see, and decided it would contrast well against our dark walls downstairs in the family room. I was tempted to spray paint the handles, but upon cleaning them up I changed my mind. They brightened up, and being original keeps its character. This is by far my favorite piece in the house, so far.
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Chalk Board transformation

Well I'm sure at one point or another you have owned or come across a Wooden Calendar holder. I had no use for mine any longer as a Calendar holder, and decided to re-purpose it into a Chalk board. A little paint and about 2 interrupted hours later it was ready to hang. I have two more of these that I found at a garage sale, and will give them new life again.

Much more useful now than it ever was!
Some scrapbooking tools cardboard letters and a glue gun and its finished.