Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Creative Old Door

Here is my friend's door I promised.  She found this door at a Vintage Market we attended in June, and bought the Vintage hooks from the same Salvage place as I did.  She had this idea to hang the door on the wall in her kitchen & use it for her kids' backpacks.  Another idea was to also spray chalkboard paint in the middle panel & a cork bulletin board, covered in fabric in the top panel.  What a great centre of organization!!  Now there is a place for her apron to hang all the time.  These old doors have lots of great character to them & would also look great as a headboard, Privacy room dividers or as a coffee table.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Back to School Organization Tutorial

Well Back to School, back to routine, and back to trying to be organized.  I was tired of having the School backpack tossed on the floor by the stairs, or not always in the same place when trying to leave for school in the morning.  So while I was at an Antique Salvage place I rummaged through a box with one of my best buds.  We thought these cast iron hooks we found were great!  I'm going to post her project on here when I get a picture of it as well.  This project was easy & quick and had made things so much simpler.  Hope you find it helpful too!