Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcoming 2012 with excitement and new horizons.
Christmas was relaxing, and our little family of 4 had some well deserved family time.  We played games with the girls & played with their new toys from Christmas.  My husband usually works during Christmas time, but this year he had a week off in between Christmas & new years.  We left all house, and Vintage Cove projects alone, & used the time to spend with each other.
For Christmas from my parents, I received 3 HVLP Spray guns & my husband a great sized Air-compressor to run it.  So once I learn to use it all I will be a painting machine!!  I would like to build a folding Spray booth, so that I can still use my 2 car garage as just that.  One half is completely piled with furniture to be transformed.  A real catch 22 situation here!  I have vowed not to buy any more furniture until I get some of this painted and out the door.  So I better get crackin'.  On that note...I better be off to start somewhere, other than re-doing the look of the Blog.  Which I hope you like because it took me about 2 days to create!  I went to the "Cutest Blog on the Block" to create it.

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