Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fir Log Tea light candles.

Well in between my Projects of "What's Di up to", I got a little sidetracked in making these Fir Log Tea Light candle holders.  I had seen these years ago on Martha Stewart, and then once again recently when taking a tour of the "Home for the Holidays".  I was wanting to make them originally out of birch because of its unique peely bark, but had these logs already at my disposal.  All I needed to do was cut them up and drill a hole.......or so I thought.  These turned out to more time consuming that expected.  3-4 hour Project.  Mind you we made over 20 of them.  When I say "We" I mean my Dad & myself.  He cut the logs to the desired sizes I needed while I was sorting them.  The I used a hole saw & cut them on a Milling Machine (overkill), while he hogged them out with a drill press.  We had a great assembly line once we got going.

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