Friday, 16 December 2011

"Our Family Tree"

 This is our Christmas Tree for 2011.  My taste has changed a little since last year, so I didn't quite get to decorate it the way I wanted but I'm still happy with it.  My 6 years old & 3 years old girls helped me decorate it, & they were such Amazing helpers!!  They were up and down on the stool to reach as high as they could, looking to see where similar decorations were so that they didn't put them too close to each other, and would tell me if they didn't like something.  They stuck with this project to the end, which I didn't think they would.  I thought that I would be last girl standing to get the rest of the decorations on.

Check out the link Below,  I have linked my Blog Post up to Thrifty Decor  There are about 500+ other Christmas tree ideas linked there as well!!  I'm number 506.

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