Sunday, 9 June 2013


Spokane, Washington is a beautiful city to visit.  The downtown core is full of great shopping, great atmosphere, and great eateries.  It also is the home to "Farm Chicks"  Antique Show.  This year was my second year attending.  It is Jam packed with Vendors for every style of Vintage.  Rustic, Junk, Country, Retro, Man Cave, Painted, Garden Decor & Shabby.  Something for everyone.

We all came home with great treasures, and memories.  We walked the downtown core on the paths through the park, taking in all the scenery & atmosphere.  Next year we would love to take our Cruiser bikes and do the same.  The first night we ate at the Post Street Ale house & the next night at the Flour Mill, & both had great food.  The Flour Mill you can eat outside on their Veranda at Clinkerdaggers overlooking the River below that is on the old railway bed.  Built in 1895, and was renovated & turned into the restaurant in 1973 for the 1974 Expo.

Here are some of the photos I took along the way.  At the Market, there was a small amount of Booths that I had time for photos in all of the huge crowds, we battled through while shopping. I was honestly lucky & crazy to wait for no one to be in some of these photo shots because it was wall to wall trains of people.  With 268 Booth spaces there was a lot to see & take in.  Hurrying to pay for items you found before someone else came along & spotted them as well.

We all came home with treasures we had on our lists & then some.


(If you want to see a photo closer up, just click on it)

The Flour Mill

In we all go!

Here we go...

My Fave booth, but it was sparse here.

I loved their booth last year too.

Front Entry display

Another Fave with all the Lavendar & Boxwoods.

My cart I decorated for Farm Chicks
Crochet & Fabric Flower embellishments