Saturday, 6 April 2013

La Joie de Vive

We have been back home for a couple of weeks now after our Spring break, traveling on the road to Palm Springs.  A wonderful family vacation for our little family of 4.  We were gone for 10 days and spend 3 full days in Palm Springs and the rest traveling through 5 different States.  After driving through Washington & Oregon we made it to Boise, Idaho and after staying the night in a hotel we were looking to eat breakfast somewhere.  We drove around Boise looking for an restaurant or eatery.  Rather lost in a city we have never been to my husband decided to use the "Urban Spoon" App. on his phone, so we stopped in a shopping area to use it.  We decided to visit a place called "Janjou Patisserie".

So many great looking, mouth watering, tarts, cheesecake, meringue, macaroons, fruit, croissants & more that we could feast our eyes on when approaching their counter.  Not to mention the beautiful Barista machine for making the ultimate Cafe Mocha, and Cappucino.


Not only are these works of Art, the taste was delectable, and we each ordered a Quiche with a salad on the side with a vinagrette dressing.  The Quiche was the best I have ever tasted & was mouth watering with every bite.  It had 2 different cheeses in it and made us want to buy the rest of the Quiche in the display case to feast on for down the road.  C'est Magnifique!!!

My girls ordered croissants, and cheesecake, and we not only had the Quiche, we had Fruit Tarts & Cafe Mocha, and a Cappucino.

Yummy Cafe Mocha

All their ingredients are Fresh, Preservative & Artificial ingredients free, hormone free eggs, and only the best.  It is noticeable, every flavor is present when it hits your palette.

Owner & Head Artisan Moshit & her husband Chuck treated us like friends, and family.  They both said we were probably used to eating this kind of food and drink in Cafe's in Canada, and yes we are but not as good as this.  Moshit studied at Estella in Israel and learned from a teacher who learned everything from Le Cordon Blue, Paris.  (Yes, this is the same culinary school Julia Child attended)

Chuck gave us some advice on what to see when we got to Palm Springs because he was from 29 Palms.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope if you live, or are in the Boise, Idaho must stop in their Patisserie.  It will have you craving the flavors, just like we did.
Cookies for the road

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