Monday, 13 August 2012

Giving an Old Shed new Life with an Old Window

This old Gardening shed has been moved so many times, that you would need both hands to count them.
Everytime we move it we get smarter.  This last time we used my Dad's business truck, that has a crane on the back.  We let it do most of the lifting, and assembling it this time was quite fast as well.  We got it done before dark & all ordered Pizza to celebrate.
Assembling the shed.
When my girlfriends and I went on a roadtrip to Abbotsford last December for the Christmas Vintage Market, we also made a stop to a Salvage place in Cloverdale, BC.  We were on a mission for ladders, and windows.  As luck would have it they were having a sale, and it helps to bring cash to barter.  So I couldn't resist buying my Lead pane window right then and there.  I had a couple ideas of what I would use it for, but used it all this time as a decoration in our open concept dining area.
Easter Display using the window
 Which I quite liked, but I ultimately had to use it somewhere useful.  So I decided to use it on my Gardening shed, that needed some character and natural light inside.  So my husband nicely offered to put it in for me.  I was quite surprised how fast he did it.  On a Sunday afternoon, and it was ready for me to paint before dinner.  I was on the other side of the yard painting the girl's playhouse and already had the paint out.  I love projects that are fast and almost instantly gratifying.
Window fits
 He had to use Tinsnips to cut through the exterior.  Framed it inside for the window to fit and to be attached.

All framed in and painted

 We had some wood kicking around the garage from other projects.  So we used the scraps to achieve the look that we wanted.  Sometimes it pays to hang onto chunks of wood that are otherwise firewood.

 Now that we liked the window so much we are going to do some decorative pieces on the corners, and around the door.


  1. looks great Di!!!

  2. Thanks Ladies, can't wait to put the other finishing touches on there too. :)

  3. so pretty!! I'll have to check out that salvage place in cloverdale! do you know what it was called, or where it was?



  4. Leanne, it's off highway 10 on the way to the ferries. Turn left on 164th street and it's just around the corner on the right. :). I never remember the name of it but apparently the older man raised his kids and sent them to college while owning the business, so it's been there a long time.