Monday, 9 July 2012

Wine Bottle Waterers

Well now that summer has finally decided to grace us with its presence, the flowers are needing the extra waterings.  Especially the ones that are on our front South facing deck in Pots.

"Miller Time"

My girlfriend Amanda shared this wonderful idea with me to take empty wine bottles or beer bottles and fill them with water & stick them upside down into the dirt. You may have also seen them on Pinterest as well. They work great, even better than the glass globes that I also have.  When its hot the wine bottles last longer & you don't have to keep filling them up.  Wonderful plant babysitters when you are away for a couple days, & don't want to bug your neighbour to come and water for you.  Also when you would rather be outside sipping on a cold one enjoying your deck & not having to water while you are out there.


Everyone I'm sure has many bottles hanging around their garages headed to the Bottle depot that could be re-purposed.  If you don't?  Well you better get busy on making some empty ones, this summer.  LOL

Clear Wine bottle

I soaked some of the bottles to remove the labels.  Some I left because the labels were nice, had the year on them, & if they get used for years to come it would be neat to have the year the Vintner made it.  Making Vintage for the years to come.

Amber Wine bottle in a Canner Pot

The more decorative and different the bottles are that you find, the better.  What a cheap way to look after your plants.  You've already used the contents and only costs you the deposit by keeping them.

Our Front entrance will be the next recipient of the bottles too.


  1. What a GREAT idea! I will be using this in the near future. I love useful things:)

  2. wow, I tried those glass things and found they plugged too easily. Will definitely try this when the hubby and I go away next month!

  3. Yes, they do plug, but if they didn't the water would drain too quickly. Just came home after being away all weekend and was soo happy that they still had water left and my plants weren't dry. I just use a butter knife to push the dirt in the bottle to fill it up again.

  4. ...and yes Natalie,those Glass Globes are frustrating to dig or poke the dirt out of, being so small.:) This way is much worth it, and holds so much more water. I even used a really big wine bottle in my Herb Garden box outside and it works beautifully. I'm really pushing the envelope on these now!! LOL.