Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Recycle a Christmas Wreath for Easter

I had been wanting to make a Easter wreath I had seen on another Blog.  Upon trying to find the form while shopping in our local small city, I came up empty handed.  Its just as well because I was able to recycle this old Christmas wreath, simply for its metal bones.
Tired Old wreath

See the Metal form?

So I proceeded to cut the fake branches away from the metal form.  I'll put it aside for another Christmas project.  I'm sure it could be recycled in the decorations somewhere too.
Got out a roll of Burlap & Jute string, and started wrapping, weaving & making fluffy bubbly waves with the Burlap, affixing it with the Jute string here and there.

I had purchased a wooden, oval craft board from Walmart for cheap, and knew I would find a use for it at some point.  I decided to use it for this wreath project.   I needed to drill 2 holes in it so I would be able to hang it off the wreath. Using Chalkboard Spray paint, I gave a couple coats of spray to the board.  Once it was fully dry I distressed it and threaded the Jute string through the holes, and tied the ends in one knot on each side to secure it.  I didn't fasten the string right to the wreath because I might want to use it once Easter was over.  The great thing about this wreath is it could be seasonal, just by changing the decorations to suit the season.

Drilling 2 holes
 Found a couple decorations around the house.  I admit it needs a little bit more on it though.  The nest needs some eggs, and a nice fabric flower or two would jazz it up a bit.  So I'm going to see what else I can find in my travels to Michaels tomorrow.
New Life

Little Birdie
Well there ya have it, that's my take on this Easter Wreath.  Hope everyone has a Very Happy Easter with your families.
By the time Easter arrived I had time to do a little more decorating, and did find some decorative eggs for the wreath & make these Jute Easter eggs for this Milk glass dish.
Jute Easter Eggs
After the finishing touches

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