Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Tis the season...

for making Christmas decorations!!
I got out the saw to make these Old Vintage Style Skeleton key door plates.  Cut approx 2 inch wide chunks just wide enough for the skeleton hey holes.  I found the skeleton key hole kits at Michaels, (they weren't cheap for a pack of 4 sets) and the glass nobs at a local decor store.  Painted them with Acrylic paint, and used a hot glue gun to affix keyholes.  Then I had to drill holes in 5 places.  All 4 corners for the decorative screws and 1 for the door knob to go through.  A little sheer ribbon to hold the keys and gold decoration wire and these are ready for the tree.
My other project was these wooden signs, that are painted to look old & worn.  I had to buy "Crack It" Medium & some Gel Stain for glazing.  The first time I had used either one of these products.  I'm a Pro now, and want to make a few more of these for everyday & for my girl's play store.  You would think that you just paint the Crack It overtop of it all?  Not the case, its the middle step out of 3.  First you paint the wood in a color you want to show through in the cracks & then the Crack It medium.  Of course letting each layer dry completely.  Last you Paint your top color & that's when its Crackles.  I then used the Gel Stain to glaze it all over, and then used my mouse sander to distress the Noel Sign, and left the Joy sign alone.  I've already made another sign for my girls & it is Black as the base, Crack It & White on top.  The crackles really show up dramatic.  I'll save that for another Post, so you'll have to stay tuned for the finished product photos.

 Some Twine, small clothes pins, paper, wooden letters, acrylic paint, rubber stamps, hot glue & imagination made this Garland.

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