Monday, 7 November 2011

LOVE makes a house a home.

For quite some time I've been wanting to make one of these signs for my home.  To go over my other project from a couple months back, my foyer wall hooks.  I was shopping today at a local business & saw these for sale, between $22 and $30 each.  So it inspired me to go home and do it!!  I had some remnants of  wide MDF molding around the garage, a black can of spray paint, decorative paper, Mod Podge, Raffia & Black Ribbon with cream polka dots, Eyelet screw hooks, and a piece of wire.  Vinyl Wall Sticker from the Dollar store, is the only purchase I made for this project, at $1.50.  I am so happy with the results & LOVE my project so much more than the store bought ones I saw.  To see a closer view just click on the photos.

I would have made a Tutorial for this project but it happened so fast an easy that I forgot to document it.  I was at the Dollar store and found a Clear Vinyl wall sticker that reads "LOVE makes a house a home".   All I simply did was find a remnant of wide molding at home in my pile of scraps, large enough for the sticker I found.  But if you go to the Hardware store you would need to buy a rather large piece, which would be alright if you are going to make a lot of signs.  It may even be possible to get a sample from the Hardware store, or find a sign from the dollar store and paint over it.

Once the paint has dried you can measure a piece of contrasting decorative paper and cut it slighty larger than the vinyl sticker.  Remove the Vinyl Sticker from its packaging and smooth onto the right side of the paper.  Apply the back of the paper with Mod Podge and then adhere it to the wood.  Smooth really well.  Continue to use the Mod Podge over top of entire project.  But not too much otherwise it starts to wrinkle.  Smooth any wrinkles with a bit more Mod Podge and your finger tip.  Let it dry thoroughly.  If you can't wait to get the project finished like myself you can use a blow-dryer on Medium heat.  Using a clean finger to get any wrinkles to adhere before it completely dries.   Once its all dry to the touch hand screw the eyelet screws into the top of the sign.  I used a ruler to measure 3 inches in from either edge to have it hang evenly.  You can now thread the wire through the hooks, leaving enough slack for how long you want the wire to hang.  Wrap about a inch excess wire onto itself to make it strong.  If you don't have Black wire or hooks you can spray paint them before putting them on.  Or tape off the sign and cover with Newspaper and give the wire and hooks a quick spray, and let it dry.  Tie the Raffia on the center part of the wire & Ribbon over top.  I had another idea to distress the edges of the sign with my Mouse Sander.  You could also use just a piece of Sandpaper if you don't have a Sander.

I saved myself $30, by designing on a dime!!  Or should I say designing on $1.50.

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