Friday, 22 July 2011

"That's my Baby"... dresser.

This old baby dresser of mine has had so many different looks throughout my existence.  It was originally white with wooden knobs.

When I moved to go to College I stripped, and sanded it down to natural and clear varnished it & painted a yellow rose on it.  When my first was born I sanded and painted just the drawers yellow and gave it new drawer pulls.

After both my girls had this in their rooms & my husband wanted to get rid of it.  I sanded it down and gave it my creamy white paint treatment & put some large molding on the bottom.  I also had this mirror that used to be Oak and forest green, so I primed and painted it to match the dresser.  Once again I've given new life to somethings that were almost on its way out the door.

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