Friday, 22 July 2011

1940's side board

The Before Picture of this Vintage Find.
 I found this Sideboard at a used furniture store, and saw its potential right away.
Solid Wood, with Mahogany veneer.  They just honestly don't make furniture like they used to.  It was made by a furniture company from Ontario, that closed down in the mid 1950's.

This 1940's Sideboard is entertaining now in a whole new way. The mahogany was in beautiful condition but the finish was scratched in a lot of places, as you can see.  Also it had watermarks on the top.   The middle door was exactly like the other 2 and wouldn't work well for the infrared for the remotes, so I got my Dad to help me router out the middle and cut a piece of glass for it.  Removed the back top edging, stripped it down and sanded it.  I must admit I have a bit of an addiction to creamy white as you can see, and decided it would contrast well against our dark walls downstairs in the family room. I was tempted to spray paint the handles, but upon cleaning them up I changed my mind. They brightened up, and being original keeps its character. This is by far my favorite piece in the house, so far.
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