Monday, 15 August 2016

Delicious Lavender Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

On the weekend I took part in a Local Vintage & craft tour, and offered Lavender & Lemon Iced Tea at my location along with some sweets.  The Iced tea tasted delicious & everyone was loving it and wanting the recipe.  I would definitely make it again, and it makes a lot depending on how big of a container you are needing to fill. I had used a Vintage style glass Mason Jar looking dispenser which you can get everywhere now a days, with them being extremely trendy.

I carry "Karla's Specialteas" from Mission, BC, and find all her flavours of organic teas dreamy with amazing blends that she either personally grows, or works with other organic growers in her area. She then blends them together for us to enjoy. Here is the link to her site to read more about her back story & why I love being apart of her creations.

Here is also the link to her site and more information on the products she produces.

In the meantime here is the Recipe that I made using her Earl Grey Lavender tea:

For Iced Tea use the ratio of 2 tsp of tea to one cup of boiling water. (So if you are making a large container you would be looking at using more than this, but its a guideline)
Steep your teas for 2-4 min. or longer depending on strength. I added slices of Lemon and Lime to the warm tea after steeping. You can also re-steep using the very same tea leaves that you just used. One of the things I love about her teas is you can make another batch without being waistful.  You can also steep your tea in cold water overnight or for 4 hours, in the fridge.

After your tea has cooled you can start adding your ice, and I added already made Lemonade to the teas mixture for the sweetness. You can also add honey or sugar to your sweetness liking and keep it in the fridge. Chill & enjoy!!!

Sidenote: The Lavender already in the tea is most likely a Culinary Lavender and only infuses a gentle amount of Lavender to the right taste on your palette. It isn't perfumey to the taste at all...just in case you were thinking of using Lavender out of your Garden. ;) There are different strengths and types of Lavender...and I leave it up to the Pros who know what they are doing. Petit Creek Lavender also sells a Culinary Lavender to add to baking and infused into honey it is amazing! Definitely need to use it to bake with to accompany the time.

PM me to get your hands on this Brand of tea. I also carry these delicious flavours as well, and can't decide which one is my favourite, because I love them all!! (The tea horder in me talking here. LOL)

Japan's Treasure - Green Tea
Earl Grey Cream
Chai Latte
Midnight Mint
Pink Grapefruit
Lapsang Souchong (smoky flavour for Meat rubs)

Hope you try it and let me know what you think!!
Hope you are all having a great summer, and can kick back with a glass of this delicious Iced Cold tea on a warm summer's night.

Diana aka Vintage Cove girl

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