Monday, 24 October 2011

Mod Podge Pumpkin Finished Product

Here are the Mod Podge Pumpkins that I finally made.

All you need for this project is:
Raffia, Spanish Moss, Mod Podge, foam disposable brush, Color Photo copies of Old Music sheets, scissors, Cutting Guillotine (any easy cutting device) Small Plastic Pumpkins, and a plastic tablecloth (just to help with easy clean-up).

To start this project you will need to Color Photocopy your music sheets.  (I just didn't have the heart to destroy these almost 100 years old sheets of Music)  Use color to maintain the yellowed look of the old paper.  Depending on how many pumpkins you would like to do, is how many photocopies you will need.  Its usually about 3-4 sheets per pumpkin once cut up to desired thickness.  I cut the thickness & length to match each Music Bar.  The Titles and Price information at the Bottom of the page was thicker.
I poured my Mod Podge into a clean plastic container to make it easier to use.  Start by applying Mod Podge with your foam brush to the pumpkin as wide & as long as the strip of paper.  Start at the top of your Pumpkin stem & place your first piece of paper onto the pumpkin.  Then apply Mod Podge overtop of the paper to get it to adhere better.  Apply the strip of paper any direction you like. (Up and down is the easiest)  Mixing each pumpkin up makes for a better display.  If need be use your scissors to cut the bottom of the strip of paper once its on the pumpkin so it doesn't overlap & get wasted.  Keep the little strip, for at the end where there are small areas that didn't get covered.

After you apply a couple of strips, you'll want to start smoothing the edges into the pumpkin grooves.  Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty for better results, with a fair amount of Mod Podge on 1 or 2 fingers.  Just keep doing these steps until all of the pumpkin is covered.

Once you have finished Mod Podging,  you can apply a large amount of Mod Podge or using a Glue Gun to attach the Spanish Moss to the top.  Rip off a chunk large enough to cover the top of your pumpkin.  Cut a piece of raffia long enough to tie it around the stem of the pumpkin, if you would like to tie a bow, cut it longer.  Approx.  6 inches.

Then you are done & can lay it on top of a glass cup to dry.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  I spent a Saturday afternoon with a dear friend and our kids making these.  Love the way they turned out and am thinking how to incorporate this process into a Christmas project.  Maybe cover Balls for the tree!!  Lets all think of some more ideas and share them here!

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